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    China International Industry Fair 2013
    Date: 11.05-11.08.2013
    Venue: Shanghai, China
    Booth No.: Hall E2, D108

    The Show of Metalex 2013
    Date: 11.20-11.23.2013
    Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
    Booth No.: D525, HALL105

    Manufacturing Indonesia 2013
    Date: 12.04-12.07.2013
    Venue: Jakarta Indonesia
    Booth No.: F901, HALL F

    Asia-Pacific Sourcing 2013
    Date: 03.03-03.05.2013
    Venue: cologne, Germany
    Booth No.: F037 Hall 5.1

    CIMT 2013
    Date: 04.22-04.27.2013
    Venue: Beijing, China
    Booth No.: W5-605

    Canton Fair
    Date: 04.15-04.19.2013
    Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center

    FEIMAFE 2013
    Date: 06.03-06.08.2013
    Venue: St. Paul, Brazil

    EMO Hannover
    Date: 09.16-09.21.2013
    Venue: Hannover, Germany

    Main Products
    • Multipurpose Machine Our multipurpose machine has the functions of shearing, bending, winding drum, punching and so on.
    • CNC MachinesOur CNC machine, shortened from computer numerical control machine tools, is a kind of automatic machine ...
    • Circular Saw Circular saw can cut-off all kinds of materials from any angle. It is a high-quality cutting tool. The section ...
    • Plate Rolling Machine The plate rolling machine can bend sheet metal into a barrel or cone shape and can round the reinforced steel.