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  • Home » Products » Woodworking Machinery » Mortising Machine MGX16, MGX20R, WM01
    Mortising Machine
    • MGX16
    • MGX20R
    • VM-01

    Mortising Machine

    1. The mortising machine MGX16, MGX20R, WM01 conducts drilling, mortising and so on for wood.
    2. Both the WM01 operating platform and the MGX16, MGX20R power units can be moved up/down and left/right. The MGX20R can turn around. All these features ensure the processing at any angle.

    Technical Specifications

    Item 575001 575002 373174
    Model MGX16 MGX20R VM-01
    Table size (mm) 545X265 595X316 210X360
    Cross travel (mm) 170 215 85
    Longitudinal travel (mm) 220 260 80
    Vertical stroke (mm) 150 145
    Drill chuck size (mm) 16 20 13
    Speed (rpm) 2800 1400/2800 3450
    Motor 2.2 1.5/1.9 0.75
    Packing size (cm) 86X66X133 106X88X133 93X57X50
    N.W/G.W. (kg) 172/215 240/285 82/98
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