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    Wood Lathe
    • TL-406
    • MC330

    Wood Lathe

    1. The wood lathe TL-406, MC330 conducts coarse and precision turning on end surfaces, sections, conical surfaces and so on of wood.
    2. It is the largest mini-type machine in the industry.
    3. The wood lathe can use the shaped tool for quick and high-precision processing.
    4. It has a motor control system to facilitate the operation.
    5. The wood lathe can be combined with an extended operating platform to satisfy the demand of a large-dimension workpiece.

    Technical Specifications

    Item 572001 389203
    Model TL-406 MC330
    Motor Power 0.37kW 250 W
    Amps 606A
    Swing Swing over bed 305 8"/ 200 mm
    Swing over tool rest base 241
    Working distance between center 406 1"8RH thread or other
    Speed 131, 246, 375, 552, 814, 1188 rpm 750-3200 rpm
    Headstock / Tailstock Spindle nose inx TPI 25 mmX 8
    Headstock taper MT-2 MT2 or other
    Tailstock taper MT-2 MT2 or other
    Ram travel 63 mm
    Packing size (cm) 82x27x49 71x34x19
    N.W/G.W. (kg) 40/45 20/21
    Other Products

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