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    Wood Cutting Bandsaw
    • TBS-356
    • TBS-457

    Wood Cutting Bandsaw

    1. The precision wood cutting bandsaw is a vertical type.
    2. The saw blade of the woodcutting bandsaw has a fine-tuning guide bearing to ensure the cutting precision.
    3. There is a wheel gear and toothed ring under the large working table which facilitates the rotation. The wood cutting bandsaw is equipped with a movable guide rail on the working table.
    4. The wood cutting bandsaw can be combined with a dust collection device whose bore diameter is 99MM so it can maintain a clean environment.

    Technical Specifications

    Item 571006 571007
    Model TBS-356 TBS-457
    Cutting capacity Height 330 mm 305 mm
    Width 346 mm 467 mm
    Blade Width 3-19 mm 6-32 mm
    Length 2819 mm 3607 mm
    Table Size 406X546 mm 533X483 mm
    Left Tilt 10° 10°
    Right Tilt 45° 45°
    Groove “T" Slot 10X19 mm 10X19 mm
    Height to floor 1005 mm 959 mm
    Motor Amps 14 / 7A 11A
    Power 1.1KW 2.2KW
    Speed 440 / 900 m/min 460/980
    Packing size (cm) 185x76x64 193X97X70
    N.W/G.W. (kg) 114/120 176/185
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