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  • Home » Products » Machine Tools » Slot Milling Machine B5012
    Slot Milling Machine

    Slot Milling Machine

    Brief Introduction
    1. This slot milling machine B5012 is primarily used for processing the spline slot, key slot in a hole, especially for drilling the keyway in a blind hole.
    2. The feed of the workpiece is not restricted to the uptight column. This product is convenient and flexible to make the key slot in the hole of large parts.

    Technical Specifications
    Item No. 376601
    Model B5012
    Max. clamping diameter of the worktable 420mm
    Max. clamping height of the worktable 120mm
    Longitudinal travel of the worktable 130mm
    Transverse travel of the worktable 150mm
    Max. travel of the cutter arbor 120mm
    Motor power 1.1kW
    N.W./G.W. 196/220kg
    Packing size 1000×650×1000mm
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