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  • CNC Machine Tool and Sheet Metal Equipment Manufacturer in China

    Tri-Union Machinery Company is a Chinese manufacturer of CNC machine tool and sheet metal equipment. We primarily produce three lines of products: machine tool such as CNC machine, metal cutting band saw and grinding machine; sheet metal machinery like our multipurpose machine, cutting machine and pressing machine; woodworking machinery including scroll saw, wood cutting band saw, mortising machine, and more.

    • CNC Boring and Milling Machine TH800
    • CNC Boring and Milling Machine TH800Our CNC boring and milling machine TH800 is precise processing equipment, developed for multidimensional and curved-surface processing of various box-shaped parts, etc. The TH800 is used in the automobile manufacturing industry, mold production industry, production and processing of reduction gearboxes, air blowers and so on for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is ideal for improving product quality.
    • European Design Band Saw BS-460G
    • European Design Band Saw BS-460G It is the precise sawing machine features European design and large size.
      The European design band saw BS-315G, BS-460G has the advantage of double-speed selection. It is characterized by manual/automatic operation mode.
      The saw bow can rotate around.
      The European design band saw has power break device
    • Tube and Profile End Grinder PRS-76
    • Tube and Profile End Grinder PRS-76 The clamp mouth of tube and profile end grinder features multi-angle rotational positioning.
      Grinds at any angle from 30°to 90°, any diameter from 20-76mm.
      Our tube and profile end grinder is especially suitable for burnishing various pipe materials and special-shaped parts.
      It has the advantage of arc cutting which is ideal for pipe-shaped parts.
    • 3-in-1 Machine
    • 3-in-1 Machine Our multiple functional 3-in-1 machine features shearing, bending, winding drum, and easy operation.
      The processing range of this series product is 200mm ~ 1320mm. The 3-in-1 machine is used for households or factories.
    • Hydraulic Shearing Machine
    • Hydraulic Shearing Machine Our hydraulic shearing machine series product is ideal for processing sheet metals.
      Our hydraulic shearing machine uses hydraulic drive to improve the deformation situation through lowering the shearing angle and orientation.
      The blade gap can be automatically adjusted by the "QUICK SET" device and the shearing angle is adjustable.
    • Precision Folding Machine PBB Serials
    • Precision Folding Machine PBB Serials Our precision folding machine PBB serials features a pedal structure. We have applied for patent protection at home.
      Our precision folding machine is used for bending the sheet metal parts. The upper blade can be dismantled for use. It can choose a combination of upper blades according to the abnormity degree and length of the workpiece.
    • Hydraulic and Electric Rolling Machine
    • Hydraulic and Electric Rolling Machine All three axes of the hydraulic and electric rolling machine are hydraulically driven.
      The roller bearing can have synchronous or asynchronous operation and can reel or cone materials.
      The hydraulic and electric rolling machine has a digital readout device to observe the up and down motion of the rear roller's hydraulic pressure.
      All the rollers are made of alloy steel, whose hardness can reach HRC55.
    • Wood Cutting Bandsaw
    • Wood Cutting Bandsaw The saw blade of the woodcutting bandsaw has a fine-tuning guide bearing to ensure the cutting precision.
      There is a wheel gear and toothed ring under the large working table which facilitates the rotation. The wood cutting bandsaw is equipped with a movable guide rail on the working table.
      The wood cutting bandsaw can be combined with a dust collection device whose bore diameter is 99MM so it can maintain a clean environment.

    We are dedicated to providing high quality products to our customers. To do this, we employ qualified staff and provide continuing training to improve their skills, so they can be flawless in their work. In addition, we strictly adhere to ISO9001:2008 requirements and thoroughly inspect each procedure, from raw material and parts selection, through production, to final assembly. Furthermore, our utilization of advanced production equipment and precise testing instruments like our CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, machining center, CNC waterjet cutting machine, German spectrum analyzer, laser interferometer and Brinell hardness tester, enable us to guarantee the superiority of our products. As a result of our continuing efforts, our band saw, guillotine shear and wood lathe are high quality and long lasting.

    In order to provide our quality products at economical prices, we continually strive to reduce our costs. Relying on our complete production line, we can manufacture the majority of the components used in our products at our plant, which reduces our outsourcing cost while ensuring standardized products and quality. In addition, we purchase raw materials from local steel mills which we have long-standing relationships with. This enables us to obtain superior materials at reasonable prices. As a high-tech enterprise, we enjoy many national preferential policies, which also contribute to our lowered costs. These factors combine to enable us to offer our high quality machine tool, sheet metal equipment and woodworking machine at economical prices.

    To achieve total customer satisfaction, we strive to provide unsurpassed service. We offer a one-year warranty on our products, during which defective parts are replaced free of charge. OEM service is also available.

    Our company is located in Tengzhou City in Shandong Province. Here we have easy access to Beijing and port cities like Shanghai and Qingdao. This greatly facilitates the delivery of products and reduces the cost of shipping for our customers.

    If you have any questions about us or our products, please feel free to contact us.

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